Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Better Me

By LaRee A. Minor

This is the year that I’m going to be good,

And do all those things I’ve been saying I would…

Instead of just dreaming, and never proceeding -

I’m going to do what I should!

This year I’ll become a better me-

The Better Me I’ve been wanting to be.

I’ll set some goals and work faithfully

To become the person I was meant to be.

My physical’s body’s a good place to start-

So I’ll exercise – then I’ll have a strong heart.

I’ll plan a good diet- and then abide by it-

This time I am going to be smart!

I’ll keep our home clean, and I’ll make it serene,

To please my dear mate, who says I am his Queen.

From floors to the ceiling - I’ll make it appealing,

A castle that’s fit for my King.

And I’ll serve my neighbor, as taught by the Savior;

Of others’ needs I will become aware.

My talents I will share.  When needed I’ll be there…

I’ll show them I really do care!

For Spiritual growth – I will strive to obey;

And reading the scriptures will show me the way.

With Saints I’ll assemble, I’ll frequent the Temple

And pray to my Father each day.

Yes, this is the year I determined I’d try

To meet all my goals – and to reach for the sky.

I vowed I would do it, and then I stuck to it!

My Banner is flying on high!

This year I’ve become a Better Me -

The Better Me I’ve been wanting to be…

I’ve met my goals, and now I will be

A much Better Me for Eternity!

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