Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Having A Christ Centered Home

I was just wondering what happened to October. I don't remember much of it. Anyway it's November folks and it's time for a new Virtue of the Month in the Minor household. And well, the roses haven't been blooming here lately so I've done some drastic measures. o November we will focus on Having a Christ Centered home. This is from a talk back in April Conference by Elder Richard J. Maynes.

I loved the story he shared from his grandson about roping. He said: Families can be like ropes. When only one person is working hard and doing what is right, the family will not be as strong as when everyone is putting forth the effort to help each other.

So we are going to make our rope stronger this month. How? Well we are doing Minor Boot Camp for starters. Minor boot camp consists of rules that we will enforce heavily and some added ones as well.

What I hope to accomplish from this besides some sanity, order...but Elder Maynes puts it beautifully. "When parents preside over the family in love and righteousness and teach their children the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and through example, and when children love and support their parents by learning and practicing the principles their parents teach, the result will be the establishment of a Christ-centered home"

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