Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Will Not Do It Myself... I Will Not Do It Myself...I Will Not Do It Myself ...I Will Not Do it Myself...I will Not

My son had the job of cleaning the van on Monday.  I gave him instructions, supplies and let him go.  A little while later I went to check on the cleaning cherub.  Yes, he had cleaned and in the process, he used up all the entire bottle of cleaner.  Which would explain why the windows were "cleaned".  I could not see out of them.  So I gave him an actual window cleaner and asked to him to redo the windows.  I can see relatively better.  ( Think of the dad driving the Studebaker in The Christmas Story").  Then it was time to vacuum.  He broke the shop vac.  I was able to fix it temporarily and I think a little duct tape will do the trick.   

Now when we get in the van, we are overcome with the smell of entire bottle of Lysol 4 in One.  Yet you know what?  The van is clean.  It does look better and my son took great pride in the fact that he cleaned it.  And that's what counts right?  Right?

Yes it is.  Next lesson:   "A little bit goes along a way"  but for now I'll praise him for a job well done.

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