Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Letter to Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

I know sometimes you get forgotten squished between the candy-gorging Halloween and the Christmas Machine, but I want to pay you my respects on this Thanksgiving Day.   I wonder sometimes it's good that you're forgotten.  I think if I put a light-up turkey on my front lawn it would  ruin the effect.  I like that you are a quiet holiday, one that causes me to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday:  Remembering the oh so many blessings I have.   

 I think of Thanksgiving as  Christmas' quiet brother, the one who doesn't get a lot of attention but it helps Christmas get the right kind of attention.  You see, as I give thanks for Him and remember Him, it helps me remember the true meaning of Christmas.

So I know you are much too mature to ever feel slighted, but I just had to let you know that I honor and celebrate Thanksgiving.  And I will try to celebrate it every day.

Your friend,


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