Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creating the Miracle in You At Christmas

The Minor Virtue of the Month.  I really struggled with the "Virtue" this month.  I know it's Christmas and so it should be easy, right?  I wanted to do something with  the Miracle of Christmas.  Because the miracle is the birth of Him we celebrate.  His life is a miracle.   He performed miracles.   Yet the miracle isn't of any value until it changes you and me. 

I assumed after listening to First Presidency Message, I would get some cool saying or quote to use for my the monthly virtue.  I didn't.  What I did get is this:  We can make Christmas what we want.  We can choose to be stressed trying to make everything "perfect" (President Utchdorf's talk), we can choose to focus on the commercialism of Christmas (President Monson's talk) or we can choose to focus on His Light (President Eyring's talk) 

We can create a Christmas where we choose to more fully come Him, to rededicate our lives to Him, to love more, serve more, and rely on His tender mercies more and to utilize more fully the many Gifts He has given.

 I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite Christmas movies:  "Mr. Krueger's Christmas".  He got it.  He understood how to take that wondrous story and put into his own life and into his own heart.

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