Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Family Letter

Merry Christmas to Friends and Family,

We hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying the Holiday Season.

This past year has been eventful.   The most significant was the passing of LaRee.  She is missed.  We feel it especially this time of year.  She truly loved Christmas and added so much to our family at Christmastime as well as always.  Fortunately, we know that because of Christmas and of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we have the peace of knowing where she is and that she is reunited with her husband and many loved ones.   And we will see her again.

We had many tender mercies this past year.  One was a trip we took to Arizona and California.  LaRee came along with Mikel and some of his family.  We had an amazing visit with Aunt Ivy, her son Danny, LaRee’s brother Dean and his wife, Mia. 

After that we drove to California and visited with LaRee’s sister, Barbara, and her family.  We then spent a few days in Disneyland.   Our little family met up with some friends from home and spent some time with them.  (Thanks Kent and Deanne for the fabulous time!)  LaRee was able to come to Disneyland one day. 

With my side of the family, we had our usual annual Erickson camp at Payson lakes.  The day our family arrived we were informed that some of the members of our camp had seen a bear.   After many attempts by the Forest Rangers to trap the bear, we were kicked out of camp and had to pack up quickly.  However, our family was on the news that night.  My mom (who celebrated her 80th birthday this year) composed a “touching” song to “The Bear came over the mountain” She asked us not to sing it in public so I’ll refrain writing the words.

As for us, Marc is still working for DHI Computing.  He stays busy with church and family.  We are also STILL remodeling our home and he is continuously working on projects around the house.  We appreciate all that he does.

I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom.  I find plenty to do…keeping up with the kids, housework, church, blogging ( as well as volunteering in the schools.

Mikaela is a Junior at Mountain View.  She enjoys volleyball, friends, and playing the piano.  She is kind to all and the peacemaker of our home.

Chelsie is a Freshman at Maeser Prepatory Academy. She is on the Debate Team.  She was able to bring home some awards from tournaments.  She is a good sister to Braden and Jaycie as she is found helping them with their homework.

Alyssa is in 7th grade at Maeser Prepatory Academy.  She is on the student council and ballroom dance and has made many new friends.  She adds laughter and music to our home with her humor and singing.

Braden is in 3rd grade.  He got baptized in May. He is involved in Scouts and loves to skateboard. He likes to help the family by doing little acts of unexpected service around the house.

Jaycie is in 1st grade and absolutely loves it.  She is a great reader.  She adds lots of joy to our home by her hugs and smiles.

 Well that’s it for this year.    Please know that we are so glad you are in our lives and wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

With love,

The Minor Family

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