Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Question

Do you little Jesus that you are a King?
You will work with your hands.
The lame man will walk away, the blind man will see.
Do you that you will heal me?

Do you know your life will be spent serving others?
And blessing the people with love.
Your ministry will be a heartfelt plea
Simply saying,"Come Follow Me"?

Do you know will suffer as no man could do?
from the pains of all our sins.
And there in a place called Gethsemane
Your agony, your blood, will set me free?

Do you know you will be rejected by your own?
Cruelly your hands upon the cross.
Possessing the power to cause your relief
You willingly suffer and die among theives?

Do you know little Jesus that you will live again?
From mortal afflictions and death.
Breaking the chains as you come forth from the grave
And with your rebirth, I can be saved?

Do you know that I wait for your coming once more
To see you with gladness and joy.
That in that great day when you shall reign
I will not want to hide with my shame?

So little Jesus on this holy night
As I come to adore your sweet face
The question is for me to answer anew..
Oh, little Jesus, Do I know you?

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