Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings: Meals on Wheels

When I was just out of High School, I volunteered in a Nursing Home in Tooele.  I loved associating with the residents there.  However one particular lady there, scared me. She looked about 200 years old .  She was in a wheelchair , and she would wheel through the halls screaming with her unkempt wiry gray hair.  I avoided her.

Until one day I decided to conquer my fear.  I approached her and took her flailing, panicy hand in mine.  She stopped screaming and clasped my hand as if I was her only lifeline.  She just wanted to feel loved.  She wanted to feel human despite what time had robbed from her.

Humanity is described as the quality of life.  I think our human interaction helps us feel human.  Touch, a kind word, even a smile can improve someone's humanity.

The past few month I have been doing Meals on Wheels.  I think it came from my desire to help those who have lived such great, amazing, hard lives and need to be remembered.  My job is to bring a meal to them, share some kind words and make sure they are okay.   I am grateful that I am able to bring them food to sustain them physically.  However,  they serve me by their smiles, their expressed gratitude and optimism despite their circumstances.   My association with them helps me feel human.  My  quality of life is improved through my service.

I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy,
I woke and I saw that life is all service.
I served and I saw that service is joy.
(Mother Teresa)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings: Maintenance, Depression and the Sacrament

If there is one thing I try over and over to teach my children is the importance of maintenance.  Specifically in keeping the house clean.  You see, it's so much easier to clean the bathroom if the bathroom was cleaned last week as well.  It is so much easier to straighten up your room every day than getting  a bulldozer in there because you forgot the color of the carpet.   You get the point. Consistency is the key.

So lately, I've been thinking about maintenance in our spiritual lives.  I have Depression.  You may ask what does that have to do with maintenance.  A lot.  You see I have found the daily maintenance of reading my scriptures, and praying help me cope better.  Also, through weekly partaking of the Sacrament, I feel the healing attributes of the Atonement.

And he shall go forth, suffering pains and aafflictions and btemptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will ctake upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. (Alma 7:11)

Now don't get me wrong, praying, scripture study, sacrament, even temple attendance will not cure my Depression just as it wouldn't cure a broken arm.  It just gives me a renewal of strength and spirit to deal with with the demons that sometimes return on Monday. 

Elder Robert D. Hales states: 
Throughout our lives, whether in times of darkness, challenge, sorrow, or sin, we may feel the Holy Ghost reminding us that we are truly sons and daughters of a caring Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we may hunger for the sacred blessings that only He can provide. At these times we should strive to come to ourselves and come back into the light of our Savior’s love.

He then offers this promise: "I testify that the sacrament gives us an opportunity to come to ourselves and experience “a mighty change” of heart—to remember who we are and what we most desire"

 I am so grateful for the Sacrament to help me not only remember who I am, but to feel the Spirit testifying of my spiritual identity.   Consistency is the key.  Daily and Weekly maintenance cleanse my soul of stains of mortality. 

Note:  I am doing well.  I had a couple of hard weeks, but I feel I am coming to myself more and more each day.  I definately wouldn't of wrote this if I was still in the "Pit"

No weekly song, yet I am sharing this Mormon Message again because it explains it all better than I.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings: Choosing the Write

Once a upon a time there was a middle aged women who just wanted a pen.  Not a fancy pen that came in it's in own special case, but a pen that writes.  You see, she was odd. Unlike many other subjects in other kingdoms, she had  chosen to write with writing utensils instead of using magic mirrors that you you poke and prod to record and recieve information.  She wanted a pen!  She looked all over in her kingdom but alas, no pen could be found.  She looked in the part of the kingdom that held all writing utensils.  There were thousands!  However, the pens there did not write.  The pencils were not sharpened.  She knew searching for a pencil sharpener would be futile, so she continued her quest for a pen so she could write happily ever after.   She decided take matters in her in her own hands.  She could (a) Take a nap all during Spring Break or (b) enlist her subjects as well as herself in cleaning AND organizing The Office.  She has wisely chosen the latter so bliss and order may return to the kingdom.

Her weekly theme song will be a Veggie Tale song that illustrates beautifully the drama of missing office supplies:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter is Here!

This is a story I wrote years ago because I couldn't find a book  at the time to teach young children about Easter.  I made it into a book and we pull it out to read every Easter season.  It's simple, yet hopefully teaches the meaning of Easter and it's truly about Jesus. 

Easter is here...what does that mean? A time of beginnings.  It's time for Spring!

Easter is here..what do we do?  Color Easter eggs like pink, yellow and blue!

Easter is do we have fun?  We go on an Easter egg hunt out int the sun!

Easter is here...who do we think of?  Jesus our Savior and all of His love.

Easter is Here because of Jesus our Friend, who gave His life that we may live again.

Easter eggs and the renewal of Spring, help us remember our Resurrected King.

Happy Easter