Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter is Here!

This is a story I wrote years ago because I couldn't find a book  at the time to teach young children about Easter.  I made it into a book and we pull it out to read every Easter season.  It's simple, yet hopefully teaches the meaning of Easter and it's truly about Jesus. 

Easter is here...what does that mean? A time of beginnings.  It's time for Spring!

Easter is here..what do we do?  Color Easter eggs like pink, yellow and blue!

Easter is do we have fun?  We go on an Easter egg hunt out int the sun!

Easter is here...who do we think of?  Jesus our Savior and all of His love.

Easter is Here because of Jesus our Friend, who gave His life that we may live again.

Easter eggs and the renewal of Spring, help us remember our Resurrected King.

Happy Easter

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