Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings: Choosing the Write

Once a upon a time there was a middle aged women who just wanted a pen.  Not a fancy pen that came in it's in own special case, but a pen that writes.  You see, she was odd. Unlike many other subjects in other kingdoms, she had  chosen to write with writing utensils instead of using magic mirrors that you you poke and prod to record and recieve information.  She wanted a pen!  She looked all over in her kingdom but alas, no pen could be found.  She looked in the part of the kingdom that held all writing utensils.  There were thousands!  However, the pens there did not write.  The pencils were not sharpened.  She knew searching for a pencil sharpener would be futile, so she continued her quest for a pen so she could write happily ever after.   She decided take matters in her in her own hands.  She could (a) Take a nap all during Spring Break or (b) enlist her subjects as well as herself in cleaning AND organizing The Office.  She has wisely chosen the latter so bliss and order may return to the kingdom.

Her weekly theme song will be a Veggie Tale song that illustrates beautifully the drama of missing office supplies:

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