Monday, June 4, 2012

June Family Home Evening: Work

Opening Song:  "When We're Helping We're Happy"  ( We especially love the "tra la la part")
Opening Prayer: 


Building a strong family takes hard work, and part of that work is teaching our children how to work. Though some may see work as something to avoid, the gospel teaches that working for and with our families brings great blessings. God Himself calls His plan for His children “my work and my glory” (Moses 1:39). ( LDS Website

Work is honorable. Developing the capacity to work will help you contribute to the world in which you live. It will bring you an increased sense of self-worth. It will bless you and your family, both now and in the future.

Learning to work begins in the home. Help your family by willingly participating in the work necessary to maintain a home (For the Strength of Youth)

We can know our children are beginning to understand the doctrine when we see it revealed in their attitudes and actions without external threats or rewards. As our children learn to understand gospel doctrines, they become more self-reliant and more responsible. They become part of the solution to our family challenges and make a positive contribution to the environment of our home and the success of our family. (Cheryl L. Esplin)
Discussion:   We talked about the value of work in the family especially that last quote and talked about how we can contribute to the family instead of making more work for others (i.e. cleaning up after your selves) 
We chose Ammon to be our Scripture hero of the month because he knew how to contribute to the situation.
Activtity:  We worked on projects in the house and in the yard.

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