Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday Musings: "Summer...it turns me upside down"

I know I am a day late again but it's Summer! That's my excuse this week and I'm sticking to it.  Seriously it's Summer and so many emotions go through my head because things get a little crazy in my house once school has ended.  Yet the past few years once the kids were out it turned me upside down..figuratively speaking of course. 

This summer I armed myself with a plan.  I took on Summer.  First of all, I made sure there were many opportunities to play with my kids.  I mean we're talking this is prime time to have fun with them.  But I also gave them expectations.  They have to work.  

Also, we're seeking out opportunities to serve.  One child comes with me to do Meals on Wheels each week, and we are planning to do Summer of Service with United Way as well as finding ways to serve friends and neighbors.

Work hard.  Play hard.   Serve.

I created what is now termed lovingly by one of the kids as the Blue Box of Happiness.  It is simply a blue box of index cards that gives me the feeling of being organized. 

It has 10categories ( all color coordinated I may add)  I will attempt to explain to those who care.

1.  Chore schedules:  Each week has a schedule of 12 chores that is split up between the the 6 of us. 
2.  Weekly Schedules :  Each child gets a card of their responsibilities for that week as well as their schedule.
3.  Chore cards:  (This is my favorite)  I wrote down each chore and how  to clean each room.  They have to follow the checklist.
4.  Follow up Charts:   I use to keep track of   and followup on everything.   And it helps me know how to reward them. 

Friday is payday. 
Room clean all week:  They can go shopping or get $5
Cleanup after themselves (food, etc)  We get to out for lunch or get takeout
Get all their chores done:  Water Party or $5

5.Clothes Inventory:  Seems random but I made another checklist of clothes they absolutely need for the summer.  If they need it. I'll get it. If not, they buy it.
6.  Movie tickets:  I keep all the tickets in there for the Scera movies they see twice a week.
7.  Dinner Duty:  Each week one of my offspring helps me plan, shop and prepare meals for the family that week.
8.  Weeding:  Each child is responsible for a weeding section in our yard.  This is the unofficial map. If they keep up their weeding they get a trampoline.
9.  Braden's Scout stuff:  I went through Braden's Scout book and tagged in red all the things we're planning to do this Summer that can pass off scout stuff and then tagged in yellow things we can do but are not scheduled yet.
10.  Reading Schedule for Jaycie.  We have a list of good books for her to read each week and theme related activities with the chosen book
I'm hoping at the end of the Summer 2 things would have happened.  One, My children will know how to be more responsible and know how to work hard. Two,  Our relationship will be strengthened by us working, serving  and  playing together. 

As the song by Cars put it, it will be magic.

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