Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Book Club

This was actually last week's book because Braden and Jaycie were sleeping over at their Grandma's (my mom)and Aunt's (my sister) house last week.  I knew it would be a little scary, exciting and fun for them.  It was far far away in Tooele even. 

I love this book how it captures Ira's feelings about sleeping over at a friend's house just next door.  He is excited, yet nervous at the same time.  He wonders if he should take his teddy bear and the dilemma that causes in his brain.  The dialogue between his sister and his friend is so realistically funny that it makes this book fun  to read out loud.

This is this week's book.  It just simply celebrates childhood and it's relationship to animals.  Lots of similes,  "I'm as...

Activity:  Going Bouncing at Classic Skating, Provo Canyon to play.

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