Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings: It's the Little Things

My musings have been pretty scattered lately but lately I've been thinking about the Relief Society General Conference.  That meeting had such an impact on me.  I've pondered on it many times.   Having the Atonement written in our hearts each day and how the Atonement  can make all things right. 

 I feel generally I have faith in the Atonement, but yet it's the daily struggle to trust, hope and know all things will work for those that love Him (see Romans 8:28).   So I am working on it.  Doing those little things that are really big things.  Prayer. Temple. Scripture Study.  Sacrament.   And so on.

So along those lines, I'd like to share a song I came across the other day called "Beautiful Heartache" about How He does make our life beautiful regardless or perhaps because of our circumstances.

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