Monday, November 5, 2012

November FHE: Compassion Or "Wake Up! And Do Something More"

Song:  “Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?”

·        Quote:  Compassion means to feel love and mercy toward another person. It means to have sympathy and desire to relieve the suffering of others. It means to show kindness and tenderness toward another. The Savior has asked us to do the things which He has done, to bear one another’s burdens, to comfort those who need comfort, to mourn with those who mourn, to feed the hungry, visit the sick, to succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and to ‘teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom’ [D&C 88:77 (Church Website)


·       But with practice, each of us can become more like the Savior as we serve God’s children. To help us better love one another, I would like to suggest four words to remember: “First observe, then serve.”   (Linda Burton)


·       Youtube video


·       Discussion

·       Activity:  Missionary letters

·       Closing Prayer

·       Treat:  Pumpkins, with eyes to “Observe”

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