Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings: My Happy Headache

I have a headache.  I know it's from dehydration because I went and worked out at Marc's work today after Meals on Wheels and I didn't drink enough.  However, right  now I'm grateful for my headache because at this moment I don't feel depressed or an immense sadness that consumes my whole soul.  I just have a glorious headache.

The  past few days have been filled  sadness, tears, have consumed my whole being even until about noon today.  And then I noticed I felt normal, not in a fog and I was grateful.  Why:  the meds are working?, prayer is working?, the workout?, service?....  I don't know why.

As for now I am feeling okay, but I think I'd better get a drink of water.

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