Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings: Fall Tribute

I decided to muse about some happy thoughts today.  It's Fall!  Yay!  I love Fall. I could probably say that about all the seasons but there's something special about Fall.  

So just to create some happiness, I'm going to list why I love crispy, crunchy, colorful Fall.

Flannel.   I like putting flannel sheets on my bed and crawling into them on a crisp Fall night.  Marc wears flannel and in the Fall,  I just associate flannel  with comfort and warmth.

Soup.  Okay this is my favorite.  I love soup.  I could live off soup and Fall's the perfect soup season.  In fact, recipes to come.

Peaches.   Canning peaches with friends and making all sorts of Peachy Food.

Pumpkin:  Have you seen my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Recipe?  Yummy!  And yes anything else pumpkin and the smell of Pumpkin in my home.

Fall Decorations;  Pumpkins, leaves, and Halloween decor.

Leaves changing colors.  Obvious, but it's awesome to see how Mother Nature works her majesty as she prepares the earth for sleep (Winter)

Jackets.  Some women have a thing for shoes. Me, it's jackets.  Sort of I don't have a ton, but there's always room for more:)

Boots.  I do love my flip flops in the Summer, but in the Fall, boots are it.

Kids are in school.  This one is a little mixed, because I enjoy them in the Summer, but it's nice to be more on a schedule.

Football.  No. Not really.  I know it's my husband's favorite thing AND I do like to watch Braden play.

Halloween.  I like some parts of Halloween, some not so much, but it is fun when you have kids.

Thanksgiving.  The Under-recognized Holiday of the Year in my opinion.

Soup.  Sorry had to sneak that one in again:)

Blankets.  Cuddling in a blanket and just feeling cozy.

Well, that 's my happy Fall list.  If I think of more, I'll add.  Happy Fall Y'all!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five For Friday: Cakes, Shelves and Football

Chelsie's cake she made for Mr. Freeman's 50th Birthday

Shelves that Marc made

Braden (#49) playing football