Friday, October 11, 2013

Five for Friday: General Conference Store and Fall Break Scavenger Hunt

Chelsie made a "General Conference Store"  for the kids for General Conference.

Braden and Jaycie are into scavenger hunts.   So I made one for them for Fall  Break.

1st Clue:  Duck!!! Or Feed them...(Duck Pond)

2nd Clue;  (Marc came up with this one)  Going to get Rapunzel...which was we were getting Mikaela who lives in University Towers

3rd Clue:  Let's go fishing...sort of...or go where the "Birds" like to go.
(Our neighbors the Birds like to go to Cabelas)

4th Clue;  Hit the Mark  (Target)  We went to Target to get supplies to make Mickey cookies
5th Clue:  Frosty? Or "Windy"  (Wendy's for dinner)

Jaycie's Mickey cookie

 And we finally decorated the house for Fall

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