Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings: Our Peeing House

Yes you read that right.  We have a peeing house.  Ever since we remodeled, the outside of our house leaks or pees on one side.  People are amused by this phenomenon.   Recently, our refrigerator started leaking along with our washer.

Saturday, Mikaela was with us and Chelsie and Alyssa were explaining this all to her.  Alyssa said, "Our house pees, our fridge pees, our washer pees, we pee...."  So Mikaela said we should put a sign out in front of our house "All who enter, must pee".  I said we should call our house the "You're-a-peein'" (European) house.  

We all laughed.  Happy moment.

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