Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday: Summer Loves

Warning:  The use of the word "Love" is overused in this blog, but I attribute that to the English language and my English speaking skills.

Okay, we all have things we love  with all our heart and soul. I hope mine are obvious by the way I live my life:  The Gospel of Jesus Christ and my family and friends.

This post however will share some other loves of my life that I have experienced this Summer.  Where to start?   I love animals.  Cats especially, I loved them growing up, and would always sneak them in at night because cats were not allowed in the house while we slept.  However, a little over a month ago, our good friends Kent and DeeAnn introduced  us to a doggy that needed a new home.  And we gave Koda a new home.  Our home.  And I love that little doggy to pieces!  He is adorable, funny, playful and so loving.  

Here he is posing with the beautiful Chelsie.

 Next Love of the Summer.  This past week we went to Yellowstone with our very good friends Kent and DeeAnn.  I loved it!  I was Awestruck by the beauty of it all.   I love the mountains, I love the Daffodils...really I just love nature particularly the mountains, nature, animals, and Yellowstone fulfilled that love to the brim and toppled right on over.  We took 500 billion pictures, so I plan to devote a whole post and a book to Yellowstone, but here is a sampling of Old Faithful.  

More pics to come!

Third Love:  Certain Broadway Shows, like oh I don't know WICKED.  Yep love the music, story, message, the social perspective, and most of all watching it with, you guessed it:  our very VERY good friends, Kent and DeeAnn.  Thanks guys. It was Amazing!

It has been a great Summer. And it's not over.  I have loved it so far. So in closing I will share a pic of another love:  Ice Cream.  We have a tradition to make homemade ice cream on Pioneer Day.  Here is a new recipe:  Ice cream with Nutella and Oreo Cookies.   Yummy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Musings: Camping

We just went camping with my family. 

So my question every single year since we have been camping is this:  What are we thinking??

I decided to a pros and cons list about camping, then maybe  then it will all make sense.


  •  It's a lot of work
  •  A lot of shopping, preparing food, preparing bedding, and packing.
  •  Packing food, packing bedding, packing clothing packing the tent, chairs, medicine, bandaids, toiletries, activities and so on
  •  If you have kids or a dog, you are on the lookout constantly making sure they don't fall in a hole or whatever.  
  • We spend so much time cooking, cleaning, putting up the tent
  •  Defending ourselves against bugs
  • Feeling disgusting and willing to kill for a shower
  • The only way to feel clean is to wash dishes to get the dirt out of our fingernails.  However, you have to go get the water, heat the water in order to experience such luxury
  •   Relieving oneself, you must enter into deplorable conditions, but the other choice is the experiencing nature to the fullest and relieving yourself there. 
  •  Cramped in a small enclosure sleeping on air mattresses who loose their breathe by the time early morning comes.  (Marc and I slept on two mattresses and woke up in a taco.   We were flat on the ground while the mattresses were winged up on both sides.)
  •  Whatever weather you are experiencing in civilization, it's a lot worse up in the mountains.   And you deal with it.  You can't go to your home that you left, you just do the best you can.  


  • You are in nature and with the ones you love.  

That pun is awful...LY FUNNY!!!!!

 However, that one "pro"  trumps all the cons and will cause us to the same thing next year, and the next year and the next.  Yes we will endure all the "cons" each year because whether we are laughing because we are miserably soaking wet, biking through quaking aspens, seeing a moose for the first time, sleeping... or not sleeping,  we are making memories with the ones we love. 

And  that truly makes it all worth it.