Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Words: Conference and Prayer

Loved Loved Loved General Conference!  So last Fall during General Conference, I was a struggling (Depression of 2013) and Church things were hard, Conference was hard.  But I remember Saturday afternoon, Elder Holland got up and spoke.  It was about Depression.  I sat on my couch and cried.  And I wondered maybe Heavenly Father does know me (yes, at the time I was having serious doubts).

Fast Forward to this General Conference and I am a feeling great, excited for conference, prepared for conference by praying for specific answers.  Well guess what, my PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED!  God has called living apostles and prophets on the earth to guide His church. Yes God lives, and He loves His children.

As you know I'm a wanna be social worker. I have been praying to know how I can best serve those that are less fortunate--the poor.  I prayed for that before Conference and was floored when, guess who gets up and talks about poverty!   Yes Elder Holland!  Has there ever been a talk in the history of General Conference that spoke directly on poverty?  Not that I am aware of.  And yet here he is talking so sincerely, compassionately about my personal passion.  

This year I sat on my friend's (Kent and DeeAnn) couch and cried.  God is a personal, loving God who answers simple prayers like mine. Amazing.

Elder Holland said: 

.. I don’t know exactly how each of you should fulfill your obligation to those who do not or cannot always help themselves, but I know that God knows, and He will guide you in compassionate acts of discipleship if you are conscientiously wanting and praying and looking for ways to keep a commandment He has given us again and again.”

There's the promise.  God will show me the way.

Right now I will continue to work at the Food and Care Coalition in Provo, pray for the poor, and as a family  provide homeless kits for the homeless..   Then I will pray and search for other opportunities and do "what I can do."

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