Monday, December 29, 2014

Musings: Christmas Letter

Making Minor Moments Memorable in 2014

Hello friends and family!  We just thought we would give an update of the family situation.

·         Erickson family camping trip
·         Yellowstone
·         Disneyland with a surprise visit to Legoland

·         And a million other little things that make a year:  dinners together, playing together, helping each other, and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as best we can.  (Just speaking positively.  We had our share of stress, frustration, and chaos)

·         Mikaela
·         Going to school at UVU
·         Working at the testing center
·         She’s” got the moves like Jagger” when it comes to dancing

·         Senior at Mountain View
·         Plays the viola with the orchestra
·         Is super smart and unintentionally makes me feel dumb by her scientifical knowledge

·         Sophomore at Maeser Prep Academy
·         Plays volleyball for Maeser
·          Has discovered her inner artist when it comes to creating delicious, nutritious, pulchritudinous food.  (Pulchritudinous means pretty ;)

·         6th grader at Suncrest Elementary
·         Loves to play football
·         Eats, drinks and sleeps Legos

·         4th Grader at Suncrest Elementary
·         Sings in the school choir
·         Puts Tigger to shame with her happy bounciness

·         Working at DHI
·         Plays softball with the boys
·         Receiving letters from AARP continually (He turned the big 5 0 this year)

·         Still on a quest for matching socks
·         Volunteer at the Homeless shelter in Provo
·         Became a substitute teacher this year

·         Our new little doggie
·         Is on backyard  border patrol protecting us from the evil birds
·         Adds so much fun to our family

A special thanks to our good good friends Kent and DeeAnn Slade which helped make our year memorable by taking us to Yellowstone, Disneyland/Legoland, Wicked, Odgen temple open house, and introducing us to our cute little doggie…and many other little great things.

Some of you we see often, others not so much.  However, know we love you and are so grateful you are in our lives.

And we wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2015!

With love,
The Minor family

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