Wednesday, October 28, 2015


 A Concert and  A Dance

1) Braden's 1st concert at Orem Junior High. #heisinthereIpromise#cheapcamera

2) This little guy showed up on our doorstep one September evening with 
3) this poster: Alyssa I must "Admint" that Homecoming with you would be COOL! (mint ice cream was in the center)
4)So Alyssa baked up these cute melting snowmen and
 5) replied, "There's 'snow' I wouldn't have melted at your invitation" 

6) And here she is getting ready for the big night.




Wednesday, September 16, 2015


In August, we went to Idaho!  Again Picture taking Lacking Skills (yes that is a "thing") on my part but..oh well.  In Idaho we spent a day in Sun Valley horseback riding, paddleboating, bowling and bike riding! Here are some pics horseback riding. Jaycie and I stayed back and did paddle boats. I prefer my horse to have 2 wheels and a comfier saddle (my bike;).

After Sun Valley, we went to Nampa and spent a day with Uncle Doug and Aunt Linda. They invited us to their family reunion and we had such a good time. Thanks so much to Doug and Linda for their hospitality, kindness and just for being able to spend time with them and family. Here we are in Uncle Doug's "garage" having breakfast. Oh yeah the food was amazing too.

My kids now want to move into the garage/fun room.

We celebrated my birthday in August. Alyssa did a fun scavenger hunt for me.

1st clue was in the refrigerator on my special water. There were reasons why I deserve a great birthday.

#1 Because of my aspiration to teach (we went to Suncrest)
#2 You teach us to choose the right and live the Gospel (Church)
#3 You play with us (Park)
#4 You are beautiful inside and out (Canyon)
#5 I don't remember but we had lunch at Zupas and the last one was "your example of service"

And then when we got home, this was on the garage....

 And then they gave me a card with reasons of why they love me.  Ahhh.
 I do have the best kids ever! (and Hubby:)

We then went and worked at an animal sanctuary in Eagle Mountain. This was actually for Jaycie's "summerim" (see last post) field trip as she learned about dogs this summer. (That is why the last clue talked about service)

And then...Chelsie made me this Birthday Cake.  A pine tree because I love love love the mountains!

Thanks to everyone for the facebook messages, gifts, cards, flowers. I am so so blessed.


I seem to have bad luck when it comes to cameras. I break them, lose them, and some force is out there that seems to prevent me from wanting to document my family's life. 

July was a pretty eventful month. We hiked the Y, went camping. We celebrated Summer. Yet I have very few pics to show. Yet here is what I got:
A lesson that Alyssa to teach the importance of the Sabbath Day.  She had Jaycie list all the condiments she likes (ketchup, pickles... ) and we talked how they are good but not on a "Sundae". The dog ate it.
We hosted a S mores and outside Wii Party for the youth
We did the Temple to Temple Run on July 24th. We walked from the old Provo temple to the newer one. And each of represented one of our ancestors. Here are who we represented:
Marc-Martin Sven Eliason
Brenda-Thanful Tefft
Braden- Dwight Erickson
Jaycie- Mary Nora Larsen
I can't remember the girl's ancestors but I will update when I do.
The kids had to do a "Summerim" which is they had to study something of their choice all summer and then we went on a field trip to celebrate.
Alyssa studied pop culture history by decades and interior design. Here we are at a 50's diner and then we went to IKEA.
Our backyard was a popular spot for camping. We had a campout in the backyard. This is the
next morning, around the campfire.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

...Memories: June

Jaycie at Ice Skating Lessons
Alyssa Driving the Golf Cart. Golfing at Spanish Oaks. Marc, Chelsie, Alyssa and I.
Marc and my Anniversary Cake by Chelsie. Bikes and Mountains
Marc posing his New Birthday Shirt #GQ

Making Minor Memories: May-Braden and Chelsie

Chelsie and friend receiving the Directors Award from Orchestra
Chelsie's Cookie Cake
Braden playing Antonio in "12th Night"
Braden receiving Citizenship Certificate at 6th Grade Graduation
# SoProud

Making Minor Memories: May-Chelsie's Surprise Birthday Party

Chelsie's Surprise Party!  A Jane Austen Murder Mystery Party. Chelsie was Elizabeth

The Dinner Party discussing the murder
The Jane Austen Cake
The Murder Mystery Party

Making Minor Memories: May: Birthdays, Singing and Birds

Jaycie singing in the 4th grade program

Braden's Birthday party at Hang Time
Braden playing kickball for 6th grade vs. Faculty game
Getting picky Koda to eat his food. Jaycie made a "bird"
Jaycie singing in the school choir

Friday, May 15, 2015

April Making Minor Memories: Alyssa and Braden (with a Little Jaycie) April

Braden's one and only picture of his birthday....

Celebrating the removal of braces!
Alyssa and Sweet Sixteen

Marc playing chef from Tepanyaki at Alyssa's Birthday Party

Yummy Barbecue for Alyssa

Alyssa's Fruit Display for her party

Braden gets it!

And Jaycie well....

Making Minor Memories: April: Jaycie's Birthday

Jaycie dotted for her party!

The "Dottiful" Display
The Dot Birthday Twister game

Dotted Cake 

Jaycie acing her ice skating lessons

Monday, April 20, 2015

Uppy date on the 5K

April is almost gone, I'm sure you are all on pins and needles wondering if I ran my first 5K:).  (Like you have nothing else to think about)

Well, I will update anyway, even though you probably forgot about my commitment and moved on with your life.  

The answer is yes and no.  Marc and I participated in a 5K last month in Salt Lake.  It was a 5K to benefit The Road Home ( a homeless shelter in Salt Lake).  Such a good cause that we had to do it.  I, however, did not run the entire time.  I walked most the time, but I walked, and Marc, who is substantially more fit than myself, jogged mercifully beside me the whole time.  We made it 50 minutes and 15 seconds.  Hey not great, but okay.  And we both really really liked it so we plan to do more.  We just are not going to do any this month.  Mostly because it's a crazy month. Three of our offspring have birthdays and so we have stuff going on all the time and there isn't a Saturday available. Next month for sure!

How do I feel overall you ask?   Great!  I have days still when I 'm beat and I am exhausted, but I can tell my body likes the running. It has rewarded me with strength and stamina and blasts of endorphins.  What more could a girl ask?

My one teeny teeny tiny complaint would be that the scale hasn't moved as much as I would like. A couple of pounds, maybe, but that's all I got.  Marc on the other hand, has lost mucho weight and he didn't need to!  No, I'm not bitter if you are wondering, because I have discovered that the scale treats us very differently.  (It likes Marc.  He is the scale's favorite)

If the scale could talk, this is what it would say to Marc:  "Oh wow!  I am so proud of you! Look at you working out so diligently!  And eating better!  You will lose lots of  pounds! Congratulations!  Oh I know you had ice cream a few times and cake, but overall you have been so good so we won't even count those times."

Okay now me. The scale,  "Oh looky, <yawn> you've been running a lot and doing squats like everyday. woo. hoo.  Okay you can lose a pound a two.  But you know you cheated a couple of days and so you will have gain a pound or  two for those bad days.  I know they were just a couple of bad days and the rest of the time you did great, but sorry, you have to pay for them.  Try a little harder next time."

Again no bitterness. None. 

 Seriously, hopefully the scale will move and all, but right now I am grateful for the opportunity to run and most of all do it with my very supportive ( and less weightful:)  husband who is by my side on my health seeking journey.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Making Minor Memories

It's been a long time since I posted any Minor Memories.  First of all, I really stink at taking pictures.  Really.  I usually forget half the time and after the fact, I say to self, "that event was pic worthy" but the moment had passed. Picless. 

So here's what I got.  

We have been involved with an outreach group that meets once a month to deliver burritos, hygiene items and such to the homeless population in Salt Lake. It has been a humbling experience in which I am so grateful to be a part.   Here we are getting ready to go with our backpacks of burritos.

Awards Assembly.  I attended Suncrest Elementary's Awards Assembly a few weeks ago.  Jaycie got an award for Math and Reading while Braden got an award for P.E.  

She is the cute one the far right
Braden on the far left

And we had to celebrate Pie Day on 3-14-15 at 9:26.  It was historic.

And Mikaela turned the big two-o on March 18th.  

For Mikaela's birthday, Marc and I got her Ed Sheeran tickets and this is her priceless reaction:

 Mikaela again. Now that she is 20, she decided to revamp her fashion style.  JK, she went to a retro work out party and this was her contribution.

 Don't forget to check out the shoes.  I got to go shopping with her and I tell you it was more fun than helping her pick out a prom dress.  #Saversalltheway

And  Dr. Seuss's Birthday was in need of celebration...with food of course.  Here is our tribute to the poetic genius.