Monday, April 20, 2015

Uppy date on the 5K

April is almost gone, I'm sure you are all on pins and needles wondering if I ran my first 5K:).  (Like you have nothing else to think about)

Well, I will update anyway, even though you probably forgot about my commitment and moved on with your life.  

The answer is yes and no.  Marc and I participated in a 5K last month in Salt Lake.  It was a 5K to benefit The Road Home ( a homeless shelter in Salt Lake).  Such a good cause that we had to do it.  I, however, did not run the entire time.  I walked most the time, but I walked, and Marc, who is substantially more fit than myself, jogged mercifully beside me the whole time.  We made it 50 minutes and 15 seconds.  Hey not great, but okay.  And we both really really liked it so we plan to do more.  We just are not going to do any this month.  Mostly because it's a crazy month. Three of our offspring have birthdays and so we have stuff going on all the time and there isn't a Saturday available. Next month for sure!

How do I feel overall you ask?   Great!  I have days still when I 'm beat and I am exhausted, but I can tell my body likes the running. It has rewarded me with strength and stamina and blasts of endorphins.  What more could a girl ask?

My one teeny teeny tiny complaint would be that the scale hasn't moved as much as I would like. A couple of pounds, maybe, but that's all I got.  Marc on the other hand, has lost mucho weight and he didn't need to!  No, I'm not bitter if you are wondering, because I have discovered that the scale treats us very differently.  (It likes Marc.  He is the scale's favorite)

If the scale could talk, this is what it would say to Marc:  "Oh wow!  I am so proud of you! Look at you working out so diligently!  And eating better!  You will lose lots of  pounds! Congratulations!  Oh I know you had ice cream a few times and cake, but overall you have been so good so we won't even count those times."

Okay now me. The scale,  "Oh looky, <yawn> you've been running a lot and doing squats like everyday. woo. hoo.  Okay you can lose a pound a two.  But you know you cheated a couple of days and so you will have gain a pound or  two for those bad days.  I know they were just a couple of bad days and the rest of the time you did great, but sorry, you have to pay for them.  Try a little harder next time."

Again no bitterness. None. 

 Seriously, hopefully the scale will move and all, but right now I am grateful for the opportunity to run and most of all do it with my very supportive ( and less weightful:)  husband who is by my side on my health seeking journey.