Wednesday, July 22, 2015

...Memories: June

Jaycie at Ice Skating Lessons
Alyssa Driving the Golf Cart. Golfing at Spanish Oaks. Marc, Chelsie, Alyssa and I.
Marc and my Anniversary Cake by Chelsie. Bikes and Mountains
Marc posing his New Birthday Shirt #GQ

Making Minor Memories: May-Braden and Chelsie

Chelsie and friend receiving the Directors Award from Orchestra
Chelsie's Cookie Cake
Braden playing Antonio in "12th Night"
Braden receiving Citizenship Certificate at 6th Grade Graduation
# SoProud

Making Minor Memories: May-Chelsie's Surprise Birthday Party

Chelsie's Surprise Party!  A Jane Austen Murder Mystery Party. Chelsie was Elizabeth

The Dinner Party discussing the murder
The Jane Austen Cake
The Murder Mystery Party

Making Minor Memories: May: Birthdays, Singing and Birds

Jaycie singing in the 4th grade program

Braden's Birthday party at Hang Time
Braden playing kickball for 6th grade vs. Faculty game
Getting picky Koda to eat his food. Jaycie made a "bird"
Jaycie singing in the school choir