Wednesday, September 16, 2015


In August, we went to Idaho!  Again Picture taking Lacking Skills (yes that is a "thing") on my part but..oh well.  In Idaho we spent a day in Sun Valley horseback riding, paddleboating, bowling and bike riding! Here are some pics horseback riding. Jaycie and I stayed back and did paddle boats. I prefer my horse to have 2 wheels and a comfier saddle (my bike;).

After Sun Valley, we went to Nampa and spent a day with Uncle Doug and Aunt Linda. They invited us to their family reunion and we had such a good time. Thanks so much to Doug and Linda for their hospitality, kindness and just for being able to spend time with them and family. Here we are in Uncle Doug's "garage" having breakfast. Oh yeah the food was amazing too.

My kids now want to move into the garage/fun room.

We celebrated my birthday in August. Alyssa did a fun scavenger hunt for me.

1st clue was in the refrigerator on my special water. There were reasons why I deserve a great birthday.

#1 Because of my aspiration to teach (we went to Suncrest)
#2 You teach us to choose the right and live the Gospel (Church)
#3 You play with us (Park)
#4 You are beautiful inside and out (Canyon)
#5 I don't remember but we had lunch at Zupas and the last one was "your example of service"

And then when we got home, this was on the garage....

 And then they gave me a card with reasons of why they love me.  Ahhh.
 I do have the best kids ever! (and Hubby:)

We then went and worked at an animal sanctuary in Eagle Mountain. This was actually for Jaycie's "summerim" (see last post) field trip as she learned about dogs this summer. (That is why the last clue talked about service)

And then...Chelsie made me this Birthday Cake.  A pine tree because I love love love the mountains!

Thanks to everyone for the facebook messages, gifts, cards, flowers. I am so so blessed.

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