Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I seem to have bad luck when it comes to cameras. I break them, lose them, and some force is out there that seems to prevent me from wanting to document my family's life. 

July was a pretty eventful month. We hiked the Y, went camping. We celebrated Summer. Yet I have very few pics to show. Yet here is what I got:
A lesson that Alyssa to teach the importance of the Sabbath Day.  She had Jaycie list all the condiments she likes (ketchup, pickles... ) and we talked how they are good but not on a "Sundae". The dog ate it.
We hosted a S mores and outside Wii Party for the youth
We did the Temple to Temple Run on July 24th. We walked from the old Provo temple to the newer one. And each of represented one of our ancestors. Here are who we represented:
Marc-Martin Sven Eliason
Brenda-Thanful Tefft
Braden- Dwight Erickson
Jaycie- Mary Nora Larsen
I can't remember the girl's ancestors but I will update when I do.
The kids had to do a "Summerim" which is they had to study something of their choice all summer and then we went on a field trip to celebrate.
Alyssa studied pop culture history by decades and interior design. Here we are at a 50's diner and then we went to IKEA.
Our backyard was a popular spot for camping. We had a campout in the backyard. This is the
next morning, around the campfire.

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