Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The first of September, the regional Boy Scouts did a 50/20. This is where they encourage you to walk 50 miles in 20 hours. They start Friday afternoon until Saturday at Noon.
 Marc, Braden and Jaycie participated. I helped bring dinner and was basically the "runner" for part of the time. 

Marc made it 25 miles. Jaycie 10 miles and Braden, with 2 of his friends went the entire 50 miles! I was so proud of them.

Caio fell out of the car, crawled through the house and crashed on the couch. He could not walk

Standing by a sign Alyssa made

Coming through the finish line!

Alyssa in her choir
Other events in October were 2 Concerts:  A choir concert with Alyssa and a band concert with Braden.
Video of Braden playing, even though you can't see him. Listen for the drums. That's Braden.

Fall Break! We did some fun shopping, Hobo dinners and s'mores in the fire pit, and The Red Barn! 

Here are the boys on the tractors 

Going on the hay ride

Hay! They are on a mountain.

Last but not least,  Halloween!
Braden as ze Vampire

Braden with friends on their way to trick or treating

Alyssa as a cute deer
Jaycie as a 50's girl

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Labor Day Hike up to Upper Falls. The hike was short, steep, yet sooo worth it!

Braden washing his hair in the water fall. I am sure it was just riiight!

Jaycie , Aspen and Koda find a little shelter on the hike

Canning Peaches with the Slades. A Fall tradition

Alyssa and Homecoming Date

Jaycie's crazy hair day:  Cupcake buns

With crazy socks!

Love decorating for Fall!

Jaycie and Frank. Alyssa borrowed "Frank" to say Yes to her Homecoming date

Alyssa and her choir friends

Last home tennis match honoring the Seniors

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Minor Memories...Summer

Summer of 16. Doesn't have quite the ring as Bryan Adam's Summer of 69 but nonetheless our Summer was pretty historic.

First of all, we didn't plan a lot of vacations because we knew Chelsie would be "leaving on a jet plane" (Thanks John Denver) for her mission! She was called to the Oregon, Eugene Mission. She left for the MTC on July 27th.
Here she is with her mission call! Unopened. We got it  the end of June. 

Now I will just add cute pictures of Chelsie cuz I want to.
This is in her work shirt. She tested labs at BYU.
Here just having fun at Bridal Veils.
Also, this Summer, Braden joined an Ultimate Frisbee club. I think he found his sport. Although he is very athletic, and likes to do many sports, this is the one.

A few camping trips. Our annual trip to Payson Lakes, Camping with the Ward and our picnic at Ponderosa with the Slades.
This is a blurry picture of a deer at Ponderosa, cuz my camera skills are still lacking.

Activity Days temple trip with Jaycie
Marc and Braden did a few backpacking trips with the scouts

Our August trip to Idaho to see family was amazing as always.

And to end the summer with a bang, Marc surprised me with Josh Groban tickets for my birthday! I sorta kinda gave him a lot of hints about it, and he came through! He wasn't even jealous when I told him when Josh sings I pretty much melt. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Minor Memories: April and May 2016

As I said before, capturing my life's memories via camera isn't one of my strong talents. I pretty much stink at it. That is why I thought if I just posted some highlights monthly on the family blog, it would take the pressure of  me and I won't feel like I have to post a lot of my stuff to facebook. I'm just not that on top of things. 

Now the monthly thing has become seasonal. I took so few pictures I will now combine them by April/May and Summer. 


I did finally get a smart phone,so hopefully I will take more pictures and post them monthly again starting 
in the fall.

Braden playing the drums in his last concert as a 7th grader
Chelsie's birthday cake her friends made her. Chelsie loves Zootopia.
Done rambling. Here is what I got for April and May:

Braden getting ready for a race. He was on the track team at Orem Junior High

Hope of America! Jaycie is in the flag somewhere

Braden sleeping in his "Bivy" tent. I know it looks kinda creepy, but this is what he takes on his backpacking trips and really likes it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer...Making it SaWeet

Yes it is Summer! And although I love love love the summer, my little brain needs a lot of prepping, organizing and lots of planning.

The last few summers, I have created a book for my kids to help their summer go a little smoothly and productively. 

I had a little fun with this one this year.  Okay I'm a little happy...proud...of my book. Perhaps over the top, but hey I had fun with it and I think deep down the kids will too. Well, they have to, they have no choice.:)

Our official Minor candy is M&M's. In fact I have my command center themed as m&m's.  We had an  official M&M frame from M&M world in New York. And as I sat pondering what to put in that special frame, I came up with this:

Carpe Diem&m. Yep. Inspiration at it's finest.:)

Well I digress. A lot.  Back to the book. It is themed m&m and each color represents a different goal that we will work on this Summer. Here is the link to the 11 (yes 11) page book. SaWeet summer

I do hope that it will be a SaWeet Summer filled with service, activity, working, educating (learning) exercising and having our testimonies increase.

Come August we shall see.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


March service project:  Providing activities for the children at the Road Home
Alyssa's current collection of journals
Alyssa's current collection of mugs
A sweet surprise from Ruby Dee to brighten my day
Mikaela's playdoh creation
Jaycie's play-doh creation
Mikaela's Harry Potter birthday cake created by Chelsie with help from Alyssa and Jaycie

We all seem to be a little picture shy in pics of us just what we did:)