Wednesday, January 6, 2016


A whirlwind! Band concerts, Dance concerts, Choir concerts at Temple Square, Service opportunities, Dicken's Festival. 

Not pictured: Massive chocolate pizza production and delivery, Cookie making day with cute aprons (oops forgot the pic again), shopping, decorating, wrapping, school concerts, Fondue Party with the Slades, parties, movie nights, game nights, temple trip, and a snow day up the mountains that lasted about 15 minutes, because it was beautifully, and amazingly freezing. 

December Service Opportunity:  Our family served at the Candy Cane Corner. A store created by donations for the homeless to be able Christmas shop.
Our Lovely snowman friend the kids made .#YesIstillcanttakepictures

Braden's Christmas Concert playing the trumpet

Smiling between songs

The kids posing at the Dicken's Festival

Jaycie losing her head at the Dickens' Festival

Dicken's Festival

Jaycie finishing her dance concert with her teacher and Aspen

Again with Aspen. Jaycie was a mouse in "The Nutcracker" hip hop style.

Visiting City Creek

Alyssa performing in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square. She is behind the arm of the instructor. #TheotherpictureItookhasaguysheadinstead.# Icanttakepictures

Our ChristmasTree
Christmas Morning

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