Wednesday, April 6, 2016


March service project:  Providing activities for the children at the Road Home
Alyssa's current collection of journals
Alyssa's current collection of mugs
A sweet surprise from Ruby Dee to brighten my day
Mikaela's playdoh creation
Jaycie's play-doh creation
Mikaela's Harry Potter birthday cake created by Chelsie with help from Alyssa and Jaycie

We all seem to be a little picture shy in pics of us just what we did:)


Braden's Lego creation
February Service Project:  Working at Community Action
Updating our 72 hour kits with encouragement from Alyssa and her FCCLA project
Alyssa getting to ready to go to the Sweethearts dance
Jaycie and Aspen posing in front of the Christus after a special mother/daughter of the new Provo temple.

Memories...January 2016

Alyssa's beautiful chalk art to start off the new year
Jaycie lounging around with Koda
January tradition we resurrected:  Making Sunshine cookies and giving them to someone
January display

I suppose this post reflects the slow-down, back to routine January was for was after a crazy, hectic albeit, fun December.