Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer...Making it SaWeet

Yes it is Summer! And although I love love love the summer, my little brain needs a lot of prepping, organizing and lots of planning.

The last few summers, I have created a book for my kids to help their summer go a little smoothly and productively. 

I had a little fun with this one this year.  Okay I'm a little happy...proud...of my book. Perhaps over the top, but hey I had fun with it and I think deep down the kids will too. Well, they have to, they have no choice.:)

Our official Minor candy is M&M's. In fact I have my command center themed as m&m's.  We had an  official M&M frame from M&M world in New York. And as I sat pondering what to put in that special frame, I came up with this:

Carpe Diem&m. Yep. Inspiration at it's finest.:)

Well I digress. A lot.  Back to the book. It is themed m&m and each color represents a different goal that we will work on this Summer. Here is the link to the 11 (yes 11) page book. SaWeet summer

I do hope that it will be a SaWeet Summer filled with service, activity, working, educating (learning) exercising and having our testimonies increase.

Come August we shall see.

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