Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Minor Memories: April and May 2016

As I said before, capturing my life's memories via camera isn't one of my strong talents. I pretty much stink at it. That is why I thought if I just posted some highlights monthly on the family blog, it would take the pressure of  me and I won't feel like I have to post a lot of my stuff to facebook. I'm just not that on top of things. 

Now the monthly thing has become seasonal. I took so few pictures I will now combine them by April/May and Summer. 


I did finally get a smart phone,so hopefully I will take more pictures and post them monthly again starting 
in the fall.

Braden playing the drums in his last concert as a 7th grader
Chelsie's birthday cake her friends made her. Chelsie loves Zootopia.
Done rambling. Here is what I got for April and May:

Braden getting ready for a race. He was on the track team at Orem Junior High

Hope of America! Jaycie is in the flag somewhere

Braden sleeping in his "Bivy" tent. I know it looks kinda creepy, but this is what he takes on his backpacking trips and really likes it.