Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Minor Memories...Summer

Summer of 16. Doesn't have quite the ring as Bryan Adam's Summer of 69 but nonetheless our Summer was pretty historic.

First of all, we didn't plan a lot of vacations because we knew Chelsie would be "leaving on a jet plane" (Thanks John Denver) for her mission! She was called to the Oregon, Eugene Mission. She left for the MTC on July 27th.
Here she is with her mission call! Unopened. We got it  the end of June. 

Now I will just add cute pictures of Chelsie cuz I want to.
This is in her work shirt. She tested labs at BYU.
Here just having fun at Bridal Veils.
Also, this Summer, Braden joined an Ultimate Frisbee club. I think he found his sport. Although he is very athletic, and likes to do many sports, this is the one.

A few camping trips. Our annual trip to Payson Lakes, Camping with the Ward and our picnic at Ponderosa with the Slades.
This is a blurry picture of a deer at Ponderosa, cuz my camera skills are still lacking.

Activity Days temple trip with Jaycie
Marc and Braden did a few backpacking trips with the scouts

Our August trip to Idaho to see family was amazing as always.

And to end the summer with a bang, Marc surprised me with Josh Groban tickets for my birthday! I sorta kinda gave him a lot of hints about it, and he came through! He wasn't even jealous when I told him when Josh sings I pretty much melt. 

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