Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The first of September, the regional Boy Scouts did a 50/20. This is where they encourage you to walk 50 miles in 20 hours. They start Friday afternoon until Saturday at Noon.
 Marc, Braden and Jaycie participated. I helped bring dinner and was basically the "runner" for part of the time. 

Marc made it 25 miles. Jaycie 10 miles and Braden, with 2 of his friends went the entire 50 miles! I was so proud of them.

Caio fell out of the car, crawled through the house and crashed on the couch. He could not walk

Standing by a sign Alyssa made

Coming through the finish line!

Alyssa in her choir
Other events in October were 2 Concerts:  A choir concert with Alyssa and a band concert with Braden.
Video of Braden playing, even though you can't see him. Listen for the drums. That's Braden.

Fall Break! We did some fun shopping, Hobo dinners and s'mores in the fire pit, and The Red Barn! 

Here are the boys on the tractors 

Going on the hay ride

Hay! They are on a mountain.

Last but not least,  Halloween!
Braden as ze Vampire

Braden with friends on their way to trick or treating

Alyssa as a cute deer
Jaycie as a 50's girl

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