Wednesday, May 10, 2017


April. That month when in the Minor family things are relatively calm and cool and verrry boring. NOT! 
Lots o Lots of Birthdays happen in the month of April, and so we are very busy! This year was some big ones. I just downloaded pics at random so here they are in no particular order.

Alyssa's Cookie Cake. It says "18" creatively doneI might say. This is what we had for her family Birthday party which we had to celebrate a week later cuz she was actually in San Francisco (choir tour) on her bday. 

And for Alyssa's birthday we surprised her! We had some of her friends spread the word and then we surprised her and had a Tropical themed party at the church. It was also her good friend's birthday that week so we celebrated the two birthdays together.

Here is a group of friends playing games at the party.

The decor

The Birthday Girls!
We had a photo booth at the party. Here is Alyssa as Hula Girl
Braden was the Orem Junior Track Team again this year. He did really well and was very dedicated. Here he is at Alpine Days. It was sooo cold, but Braden did well. Apparently he shattered some PR''s (That's cool sports talk for he broke his personal records. The first time I was told that I thought he got hurt. 'He shattered his what?!)

Chelsie got her Plaque up in the Church. My cute missionary.

Prom! Alyssa putting on Clark's boutonniere.

Aubrey and Alyssas waiting for their prom dates.
Jaycie's friend party. Smore's and a movie!

Jaycie wanted Oreo cheesecake for her birthday. Here she is proudly displaying it.
Da' boyz in the 'hood'

Jaycie opening up her presents: Here are Harry Potter earrings!

Because Jaycie got her ears pierced for her birthday. She has been waiting  a long time.

Easter display 

Spring Break: Camping in the backyard

Spring Break: And a little frisbee golf

Braden's Birthday Party: Frisbee Golf

Random couch found after Frisbee Golf

And ice cream at the BYU Creamery

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hey Here's an Idea! Coloring and Quote Board

I thought I would post another blog about one our latest projects. This is a simple project that I have put in our hallway to display our coloring pages. (Yes we are officially on the adult coloring bandwagon) as well as quotes that we can read because we pass by them everyday as we walk down the hall.

I have a lot of fun with this. Before General Conference, I put up coloring pages and quotes to get us ready for Conference.

This Week for Easter,  I have been putting up quotes for Easter, and A coloring page that depicts what happened the day during the week before Easter.

I also found these cute chalkboard clothespins at Michaels. They spell "Easter" this week.

So super- dee- duper easy to make the display. All you need is 2 by 4 piece of wood, stain, wire, hangy up things ( to hang it on the wall) and clothespins. I must admit it was super easy, but Marc helped with most of it just because he is so good working with wood.

Also,  I cannot take credit for this idea. I found it on Pinterest. The instructions are on my  Vision Boards  because  originally I was going to use this as a vision board idea, but did this instead. Here is the link:Display board

The coloring pages and quotes are all on my Easter board.

I'm not sure what I'll do next week, after Easter, but  it'll fun!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Memories...March: Plays, Concerts and a Birthday

March was lots of fun. Jaycie was in the play Annie. She played Lily. Lily is Rooster's girlfriend. Rooster is Miss Hannigan's brother. She was one of the "bad' guys with a Jersy accent. She did a great job.

Here she is with some of the cast members

Here she is with "Rooster" and Mrs. Kirkham and an added photobomb by Brynn

More Photobombing. Braden the nonchalant photobomber

One more

Marc and I saw Kenneth Cope in concert at the Scera. I loved it so much! I blogged a little bit about it in my Wednesday Words blog last week

And last but not least, Mikaela's Birthday! We celebrated it with a barbeque and pie for dessert! Happy 22 Mikaela

This is the adorable pic I posted on Facebook. She's still adorable!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Sweethearts! Here is Alyssa getting ready to go on her date. The theme was "The  Jungle". And her group's theme was camo.

Valentine's Day dinner: Heart quesadillas, Black Bean soup, strawberries, Gingerale infused with cranberry shaped ice cubes.

Trying to be all fancy without Chelsie:)

Mega Concert: The theme was "Love" (insert husky voice here) Alyssa had a solo. She sang a part in "Beauty and the Beast"

Hermana Reunion! A group of got together and had lunch from the CLAM (California Los Angeles Mission) . I think I had "mole" for the 1st time in 25 (yikes!) years.
Amazing ladies and friends in the Gospel.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


 First month of 2017! We had our annual goal setting Family Home Evening this month and came up with our yearly theme. I came up with, "Don't be mean in 2017!", and Alyssa came up with "Live your dream in 2017!" Surprisingly, Alyssa's theme got picked over mine. Go figure. 

Anyway, life is back to normal, whatever that means, and I still struggle pictorally documenting my family's life. I did capture a few "2017 dream" moments here:

Jaycie gradutating from Nova. She did well and got the Super Nova award.

Shaking hands with Officer Wakamatsu

Alyssa getting ready to pick up her date for Preference. I just got a picture of her with the couple she was going with.

One night for Young Women, we played in the snow! Here is a pic of Jaycie and I think  Emma Photobombing in the back ground.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


December was so full of memories, I know I forgot to capture them all. However, since my new phone I have become better at taking pictures... Still not going quit my daytime job yet.:)

We had our usual Chocolate making pizza factory going on. I think I made about 80. Each year we decide to "cut down" but I think instead it increases each year.

We did our annual fondue party with the Slades. It gets better each year.

Also, as a family we did our annual service project at Candy Cane Corner in Salt Lake. I was able to be involved a lot with Sub for Santa. (Helping with applications, working in the warehouse etc.)

Below is what I actually documented with photos:

Ward Christmas Breakfast. The Primary did a great job. Jaycie is in the pink sweater. I think she is an angel.

Braden playing Percussion in the Orem Junior High band. He played in every single band for the Christmas concert. And he was quite the rock star.

Making Gingerbread Houses. I fail at making them (even with the kits) but a good friend let me have some of her extras.  And so we had fun decorating them. This is Jaycie's side view.

Front view

Ayssa and Clark's. Alyssa was actually sick that day so no pics for her. The boys were at a basketball game

Alyssa singing at Temple Square. This was actually the Joseph Smith building.  We never made it to Temple Square as Alyssa was still sick.

Alyssa singing in the Christmas concert

This is the Hallelujah chorus. Mr. Taylor invited all Mountain View alumni to come and sing. It was beautiful!

Alyssa's present from the Mikaela where the bow is bigger than the present

Here I was just chilling and enjoying the ambiance of our Christmas decor

For the break, we made several trips up the canyon and it was enchanting! Here is an example

The kids went sledding and snowboarding up the canyon. 

On New Year's Eve we watched Ty.  He only would go to Jaycie. Here is Jaycie reading him a story.