Wednesday, February 15, 2017


 First month of 2017! We had our annual goal setting Family Home Evening this month and came up with our yearly theme. I came up with, "Don't be mean in 2017!", and Alyssa came up with "Live your dream in 2017!" Surprisingly, Alyssa's theme got picked over mine. Go figure. 

Anyway, life is back to normal, whatever that means, and I still struggle pictorally documenting my family's life. I did capture a few "2017 dream" moments here:

Jaycie gradutating from Nova. She did well and got the Super Nova award.

Shaking hands with Officer Wakamatsu

Alyssa getting ready to pick up her date for Preference. I just got a picture of her with the couple she was going with.

One night for Young Women, we played in the snow! Here is a pic of Jaycie and I think  Emma Photobombing in the back ground.

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