Wednesday, July 5, 2017


June we slowed down a little bit. Just a little bit

Jaycie met a little fox  and was in heaven

a close up

We went camping with the Slades at the Ponderosa campground. The hosts have set up the 100 acre wood. Here is one pic.

Koda got his shots and a haircut in one week. So handsome!

Also Girl's camp happened in June. No electronics allowed, so I bought a portable camera to take pictures. And guess how many I took? Yep. 0. Zilch. Nada.

 It was a great week and I enjoyed spending showerless, sleepless, electronicsless week with some of my favorite young women (especially Jaycie;) It was a very good week all sarcasm aside and I came back, hopefully, a better person.


May was  a crazy fun month. End of school stuff and Graduation made it a memorable month.

Jaycie and her ladder lego creation

6th grade send off

Stopping to smell the flowers in our front yard

Jaycie earning the Hope of America Award! So proud of her. Hope of America award is given to few students who show leadership qualities. 

Jaycie and Emma and 6th Grade Send off

Jayice and Jonathon

Jayice and friends after the 6th grade send-off

Mothers Day flowers

NHS friends

the Beehives after a temple trip to the Provo City Center Temple

End of the year dance festival. Jaycie front and center

Another dance festival pic

Alyssa's Graduation!

Alyssa and Clark