Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Memories... December

Jaycie after her piano recital with Lillian

Braden after the Band camp. Braden was one of the few chosen.

Jaycie with Emma taking an "Elfie" with Elena at the Ward Christmas party

Decorating for Christmas

Our "Light the World" list

Braden at Orem Junior's Christmas concert. I could never get a good picture of Jaycie

Alyssa with her Choir director after the Christmas concert at BYU

Our poor spare tire. This was after we replaced our other tire which looked just as bad or worse. Marc and I crashed into the curb late one December night after Marc swerved, and skidded and crashed  when 8 deer (Santa's reindeer?) ran in front of us on State Street. We missed the deer thankfully!

Cookie making!

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